Who We Are

Agape House New Testament Church is a family of disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a community of people who live in joyful communion with Christ resulting in His character, compassion, and charisma (giftings) growing in us as we seek to win others to Him.

What Our Name Means

Agape is the Greek word used in the original New Testament to mean the love of God. In 1 John 4:8, the Bible tells us God is love – and the word love there is the word agape. Thus we see that God is Agape.

House indicates that we are the temple of the Lord. We are a family. Our house is a house of love.

New Testament is in our name because all our practices and beliefs are based on the New Testament of God’s Word. Our church administration, our goals, our beliefs, and our practices are all taken from the example of the early church in the New Testament.

Church literally means the called out ones. Agape House New Testament Church is not a building or an organization: we are the people that God has called out of the world into His kingdom and service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a dynamic church that brings joy to God’s heart while we impact our community, our city, our nation, and our world as we evangelize the lost, empower the church, and embrace the poor.

Our Values

1. We Value Worship

Because God is worthy. . .We value worship. Revelation 4:11 tells us that man was created for God’s pleasure. Our entire being is designed for the worship of the Lord. It will be our eternal occupation in heaven. At Agape House NTC, the goal of every service is to bring us all into the presence of the Lord. There, we meet with God and worship Him.

2. We Value People

Because God loves everyone…We value people. Jesus paid the highest price possible to redeem man. God is no respecter of persons. Therefore, at Agape House NTC we treat everyone as a special treasure of the Lord. No matter your race, nationality, gender, age, or social status you are special to God and to us. We pledge to treat everyone with the love and respect of someone for whom Christ died.

3. We Value Creativity

Because God is a Creator…We value creativity. God is a creative God! When His Spirit flows in us, we become creative people. Therefore, we will use all means at our disposal to promote and encourage creativity in worship, teaching, and outreach. Drama, dance, art, music, media, and other creative arts are all welcome at Agape House NTC!

4. We Value Spiritual Gifts & The Supernatural

Because God is a miracle working God…We value spiritual gifts and the supernatural. We believe all the gifts of the Spirit are for the church today. Therefore, we earnestly seek and desire that His presence be seen in us as the gifts of the Spirit operate freely.

5. We Value Empowerment Of The Church

Because God has a plan for all His people…We value empowerment of the Church. It is God’s plan that every member be a minister. Everyone at Agape House NTC has a part to play in our church, by using their individual gifts for the Lord’s service. Therefore, we will empower the church to do His work by equipping, teaching, and releasing His people for service.

6. We Value Application Of The Word

Because God loves us too much to leave us the way we are…We value application of the Word. The Bible says if we hear the Word only, and do not apply it, we are foolish and unstable. God desires to change our lives into His image as His Word takes root in our hearts and grows up in us. Therefore, we will focus on preaching and teaching God’s Word to promote faithful obedience to Him in our daily lives.

7. We Value Relationships

Because God is a God of relationship…We value relationships. As we grow larger, we seek to grow smaller. Small groups provide an atmosphere of unity, love, and care. We are connected to one another and support one another through these valuable relationships. Therefore, we will seek to incorporate every member into a small group community. By His grace, we will endeavor to provide a mentoring relationship for everyone at Agape House NTC.

Our Affiliation

Agape House New Testament Church belongs to the Agape Gospel Mission, a worldwide Christian ministry founded in 1982 by Rev. Richard C. Whitcomb. As such, we participate in the programs of the Mission and cooperate with the leadership and other members of AGM for the advancement of the Gospel and the fulfillment of our objectives.