God gave a vision to our Founder and Senior Pastor, Rev. Richard C. Whitcomb, of building a church in East Legon for the glory of the Lord. The vision was of a church that would reach out to the community of East Legon and surrounding areas with the love of God; a church that would impact the tens of thousands of students on the nearby campuses such as University of Ghana Legon and IPS; a church that would impact the entire city of Accra, nation of Ghana, and the world at large; a church filled with incredible worship, dynamic preaching, holy living, loving fellowship, and acts of service; a church that would touch the hearts and lives of displaced believers and those who were seeking an international house of worship where they could belong and feel at home.

Rev. Whitcomb and a team of dedicated Pastors began praying for the fulfillment of this vision in early 2007. The church held outreach meetings during the months of June, July, and August. Our first Sunday morning service was held the first Sunday in September 2007 at Rev. Whitcomb’s home. Our first public service was held at the Miklin Hotel, Shiashie, on September 9th, 2007.

In May 2008, Agape House launched a second Sunday morning service to handle the growing crowd. In March 2009, we moved our Sunday services to the Mensvic Grand Hotel on Lagos Avenue so that we could continue to grow. We once again launched a second Sunday morning service in August of 2009.

In December 2011 we moved into our first church building on land we purchased near the A & C Mall here in East Legon. Our vision is to complete our current building by next year, and then construct a larger cathedral seating 4,000 on the open space at AgapeLand. We also have a vision to open satellite branches throughout Greater Accra and into the world beyond.

Though we are a young church, we have a strong focus and vision. Our future is bright as we follow God and continue to grow.